We have HUGE experience here! Domestic light fittings are not created equal, often a fitting that is cheap to purchase has a short life expectancy or even chew through lamps at an alarming rate. If you are building a new home or carrying out a renovation we would be pleased to give you unbiased advice. At last LED technology and price have arrived at a sweet spot with technology providing reliable, long life, correct colour rendering fittings at a reasonable price. These fittings typically provide an 80% saving in power consumption and zero heat loss throughout body of the fitting to the ceiling. This means you save power, you save on your heating bill and you save on lamp replacement. Usual pay back time on a fitting in a domestic situation is 2 years. This is no longer the future, it is now.

Future Proofing

With the fast pace of change especially in the Audio and Communication sector it pays to think of how we will be doing it five years from now. While wireless is great it’s not the fastest. We can help you with educated choices from the future.

Solar Electrical (Photovoltaic) Panels & Systems

Contact Electrical are now licensed to sell and install panels and systems. In the last six months we have installed many systems and now are accredited installers , with this experience we are now able to offer good advice on where and how to go about your install.

Hot water cylinder

No hot water? You’ll find majority of the time you’ll need an electrician. It is likely that your hot water element in your hot water cylinder needs replacing or the thermostat has blown, causing no hot water to your property or business. If you suspect you have a leaking cylinder, where the element has blown due to boiling dry with no water to heat – call your plumber.


Contact Electrical have the expertise to supply and install an impressive range of home audio, Onkyo, Jamo, Optima, Marantz, Sony, Dish TV and much more.


Home automation is becoming more user-friendly and is ever expanding. Smart phones and apps can now be used to access your home automation from anywhere to carry out almost any function, water the lawns, set the alarm or open the gates – you choose.

Lamp Replacement

We can locate and replace most lamps (bulbs) as required. We have the knowledge and equipment to safely reach light fittings in commercial, retail and domestic settings. We offer a monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance rotation on request with contract rates on lamps supplied if required.

Cool Rooms

Experienced in refrigeration Contact Electrical can maintain, repair or wire your new cool room.

Waste Disposal Unit

Unsure what’s wrong with your waste disposal unit? It could be blocked, leaking or it may have blown a fuse. An electrician can help you find the issue and get it operating correctly. Occasionally you may need a plumber. Give us a call to discuss.